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Seo and internet marketing -
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  • 01/21/19--11:00: request ebay stealth
  • would you like someone help me get ebay stealth guide please ? 

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  • 01/21/19--12:59: [GET] 3 Min Comms
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  • 01/21/19--16:19: (GET) Clickbank Money Secret
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    Hello friends,

     What is Blog Commenting in seo..?

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  • 01/22/19--10:39: [REQ] Instant FB Ads Clients
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    Please Add This

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  • 01/22/19--10:43: [REQ] Instant SEO Clients
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    Hello guys its David mali 
    and this is quiet possibly the easiest way to make money online

    I've been doing it for 4 months now and I've been making a very decent amount of money 

    [Image: hgnhh.PNG]

    Am doing affiliate marketing as you all know. 
    and now without further do lets get into the topic of today's post

    and it doesn't require any cost and it's very simple to do 

    first thing you need to do is join some buy and sell groups for example buy and sell California or buy and sell Texas 

    and join some active groups 

    [Image: gfbgbg.PNG.opt622x538o0%2C0s622x538.PNG]

    Then go to get a CPA offer for skin care for example or an anti aging cream .. Or anti hair fall cream (you get the idea)

    and get your affiliate link then you can go to YouTube and type the cream name then search for videos of people reviewing the product and download the video on your device 

    then you can go and promote the CPA offers on the groups (don't spam) just edit the video to cut any link recommendations or logo and post the video all over the groups and recommend the product 

    and also create a simple page with some images and the video and put your affiliate link below 

    it's a good free way to start making money online
    What do you think ? will you give it a try

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  • 01/23/19--01:19: [REQ] WP digi pro
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    Please add this haker

    The $107 Billion Industry That Nobody's Talking About...
    Tap Into The MULTI-BILLION Dollar Digital Marketing Industry With A WordPress Software That Does The Selling FOR YOU
    Drive Multiple Business Streams From A SINGLE Dashboard

    Build Your Own Digital Product Sales Agency In One Hour Or Less - NO experience needed!
    Sell eBooks, Software, Membership, Online Course, Graphics, And All Types of Digital Products
    INCLUDED Agency access gives you a DFY service to sell!
    Built-in Licensing System For software/plugins
    DFY Product delivery and Email Notifications
    3 FAST & EASY Steps To Your Own Online Digital Marketing Business
    1 - Add A Product To Your Dashboard
    Promote ANY kind of digital product: Your own courses, softwares, videos or services … EVEN products made by others!

    2 - Optimize Your Settings
    Customize payment processors, one-time or recurring fees, autoresponder integration, email notifications and more … ALL inside your dashboard!

    3 - Start Selling!
    You're now set to sell your Sell eBooks, Software, Membership, Online Course, Graphics, And MANY More.. Even sell digital business set-up services to clients! with Agency Licenses
    Customers And Industry Experts Agree…
    This Changes The Game For Online Marketers
    Hey this is Santosh Singh along with my partners Firas, Uddhab and WPDigiPro Team.

    We've specialized in WordPress development for years... and focus on solutions for online marketers.

    Each of our multiple award-winning softwares was first created to maximize profits in our own businesses.

    We only release the very "best of the best" to the market... and nothing we've ever developed comes CLOSE to what we're sharing with you today.

    People everywhere are thrilled with our solutions - here's my profile on Freelancer:
    That's a 5 star average rating from 611 reviews.
    Hundreds of happy customers, gladly sharing their feedback.
    But enough about us.
    Let's talk about the $107+ BILLION dollar industry that's open to you right now.
    In 2011, about $35.6 billion was spent on self-paced e-learning worldwide. In 2014, e-learning was a $56.2 billion industry, and that number hit $107 billion in 2015.

    -, March 2016
    "E-learning market size was valued over $165 billion in 2015 and is likely to grow at over 5% from 2016 to 2023, exceeding USD 240 billion"

    If you are looking for a profitable side hustle, creating and self-publishing courses might be a good idea.

    - Forbes, February 2017

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  • 01/23/19--01:22: [REQ] Contenu
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    WAIT... Maybe You Don't Need Unique Content, But Still Want Access to...
    2 User Friendly Systems
    With Years of Verified Results... And They're Both Evergreen
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    Grab Full Access to C O N T E N U Today... One Time Investment
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    You Still Get

    Generate Results by Simply Publishing Content to 'This Platform' - No Selling or Traffic Required

    So perhaps you don't need the content App, maybe you're a great writer, or have access to some great content… No Problem. Now wouldn't it be great if you could monetize that content without affiliate links and without selling a thing?

    You Can Still Eradicate Failure…
    We know that not everyone has the time to learn new skills.

    You Don't Need Traffic
    We know that not everyone knows how to drive targeted traffic or have additional funds to pay for advertising.

    You Still Don't Have to Wait for Results?
    We know that for most of our customers… the last thing they want to do is wait around hoping to appear at the top of Google

    Get Real Results
    The one thing we are 100% certain of is the fact that YOU WANT RESULTS.

    Too Busy?
    Are you just too busy with your day job and family commitments to make things work?…

    Helen's full PayPost system could be the key...

    Can You Spare 30 Minutes Per Day?
    What if all you had to do was publish your content on one platform to generate profit?

    You Still Get: Monetization System #1 which does that very thing… simply post where Helen tells you following her advice for almost instant gratification.

    Make your first Dollar online by simply posting content.

    No Selling, No Traffic... No Additional Cost - Just Publish Content for Results!

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    415+ Replies recieved already...

    Brand New Coaching Workshop Going LIVE...

    "Day Job Killer Workshop"

    "WANTED: Anyone Currently Struggling Who Wants To Generate At Least $3k In The
    Next 30 Days
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    To The Curb..."

    Just 20 spots will be sold for this! 

    2 Spots Remaining

    [Image: was-500-now-297.jpg]

    Dear Struggling Marketer,
    Are you stuck in a rut trying to make money online?
    Have you exhausted every single possible money making method to try and live that "Laptop Lifestyle" dream you've always been craving, for years?
    It sucks right?
    I know...because I've been there.
    That’s where I was a couple of years ago.
    I was tired of getting up at 5:00am to the sound of an alarm clock every day…
    I was a groundskeeper making next to nothing…
    It was almost always cold outside, and the work was gruelling.
    I was miserable life.
    To make things even worse, it seemed like I was always behind financially...
    I could barely cover my bills.
    And I was struggling to just barely keep my head above water.
    As a groundskeeper, my skills were limited, and I knew that I’d need to do something MUCH different in my life if I wanted to make a real change for the better.
    So, I turned online…
    This is the part where I tell you about how I instantly started “CRUSHING IT” making all sorts of money, right?
    I struggled a lot at first and just couldn’t figure it out on my own.
    I bought a lot of courses and methods that just didn’t really ever seem to work.
    And I was close to just giving up on the online thing and resigning myself to a life of hard labor...
    That’s when I decided to invest in a mentor, and I finally started to get some results and make some money.
    Now, we’re not talking a ton of money at this point, but I had proven to myself that I could finally make some money online.
    And a few bucks here and there was better than spending money without making anything…
    ...which was the case before I started working with my mentor.
    I was chugging along and starting to get some results, but it was still pretty slow going.
    About 6 months ago is when things really started to change for me…

     FINALLY - A Brand New, Bullet-Proof Way To Pull In $200 Per Day Even If You're Brand New!…

    [Image: 2017-09-15_1245.jpg]
    Thanks To This Day Job Killer “Twist” I Discovered, 
    I Made $2,317.07...

    [Image: 2016-06-24_1428.png]
    ...And I've Been Generating These Results Month After Month 
    In My Online Business…

    [Image: 2017-09-15_1257.png]
    Day Job Killer Has Been Specifically Designed To Change The Way YOU Make Money Online FOREVER!

    Yes, that's right.!
    Day Job Killer has been designed to not only show you but help you put it all together.
    This will generate results for ANYONE regardless of prior experience or tech skills.
    That’s why I’ve decided to personally coach 20 people to a $3,000+ per month business within the next 30 days…
    (Of course, $3k is just the beginning… Most people will make a lot more with this and your income just grows month after month)..


     Day Job Killer Workshop

     Here’s Exactly What You Get When You 
    Reserve Your Spot Today...

     6 Weeks Of Live Training

    Week #1 - Overview + Done For You Instant Profits
    The first week is all about making back your investment FAST...
    I’ll show you how to get everything setup in an over-the-shoulder format to make it easy for ANYONE to get results regardless of prior experience. You’ll also know how to crush it as an affiliate even if you have no list or experience. I've only shared this with my $5k coaching students.

    This is designed to get you started QUICKLY so that you can start making money TODAY!

    Week #2 - Day Job Killer $200+ Day System
    This weeks training is the core system of the Day Job Killer Workshop. It's designed have you cranking out $200+ per day right out the gates. It's so simple, yet incredibly powerful! Two weeks into this workshop and you will have 'UNLOCKED' the keys to success.
    Week #3 - Day Job Killer Affiliate Secret Weapon
    You’ll discover my little known super affiliate secret weapon I use to bank $100 paydays consistently. I'm literally forcing you to make money whether you like to or not.
    Week #4 - Day Job Killer 30 Day Challenge
    The Day Job Killer 30 Day Challenge will help you boost your online business FAST. This challenge is something you've NEVER SEEN BEFORE and no one is doing it. Once implemented, your results will skyrocket.
    Week #5 - Day Job Killer Traffic On Tap
    There is a new way of generating traffic that helps pull in quick paydays even if you've failed in the past or have 'tried everything'. Simply copy what I'm doing and see the exact same results. I'm doing this daily and it will never become saturated.
    Week #6 - Day Job Killer 'LAZY' Method
    Now everything is set up and running smoothly it's time to activate the Day Job Killer 'LAZY' Method. It's time to scale up and make as much money as possible with as little work as possible.
     Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls

    Every week we will get together on a LIVE call where I personally guarantee to help you succeed.  

    It’s been proven over and over again that hiring a coach or mentor that has been there before and knows exactly what they are doing increases your chances of success massively. You will be held accountable and I'll be there to help you succeed online FAST!

    I will answer any questions you have, and help you avoid any roadblocks you come across, including the dreaded information overload.
    Keeping you on track and motivated to finally breakthrough online.
    And make sure you become my next SUCCESS story.

     Recordings Of All The Live Training Sessions

    Although I highly encourage you to make it to the live training sessions where you can ask me questions, if you miss one, I’ve got you covered.   All live sessions will be recorded and links to the recordings sent out after each session. You have LIFETIME access to the recordings so you can go back and re-watch them at any time.

     LIFETIME Access To My Private ‘Insiders Only’ 
    Facebook Group 

    Every day, you’ll have access to get your questions answered in the Day Job Killer Workshop Facebook Group…
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     There’s ZERO Risk For 30 Days 
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    To make it a no-brainer for you to lock-in your spot right now, I’m going to take away all of the risk…

    You get 30 days to make sure this is for you.

    That means you can go through over half of the training and THEN decide if this is for you.

    Because I give you a “quick cash” method in the first couple of modules, you will already be making money within 30 days.

    Heck, you’ll have likely paid for your small investment in this and then some after you first couple of weeks.

    But, if you decide this isn’t for you, just let me know, and I’ll get you a refund…

    The only way you can lose is by missing out on this.


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    [Image: arrow-green-big.png]

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    [Image: arrow-green-big.png]

    [Image: arrow-green-big.png]

    This Process Is REAL and is based on my 6 figure biz model. It's not a 'Hack' or something that will be gone tomorrow.…
    You have NEVER seen this before (it’s fresh and unique)
    I'll teach you everything you need to know PLUS you'll get a real life case study of myself actually doing it right in front of your eyes
    You'll also get WEEKLY Live Q&A Sessions. No Selling, No BS. Just a Live Question and Answer Session so that you can get the help you deserve.
    When you follow what’s inside, you WILL make $3k in the next 30 days  and then discover how to scale that to a JOB DESTROYING online income…
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     Would An Extra $3,000 In The Next 30 Days 
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    Seriously, think about it. If you put an extra $3,000 in the next 30 days with just a few hours of your time required, would that help you out?
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    $3,000 is a nice chunk of change, and you can do a lot with money like this…
    Take a vacation
    Get rid of some bills
    Down Payment for a new car
    Save For Retirement

     $200 Per Day Is Just The Beginning With The Day Job Killer Workshop… 

    [Image: was-500-now-297.jpg]

    I can’t wait to help you quit your day job and live the laptop lifestyle!
    [Image: jasoncopypic-name.jpg]

    P.S. - Just to be clear… I’m seriously closing the doors once we hit 20 people due to the hands-on attention and support I’ll be giving… There’s NO RISK, so don’t wait and end up missing out on this very limited opportunity.
    P.P.S There's NO OTOS or upsells. There's also no hidden recurring fees. Just $297 (one time fee) gets you LIFETIME access!

     Click the Add To Cart Button Now to Get Started 

    [Image: was-500-now-297.jpg]

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    I have a few Amazon kindles and I would like to get lots of reviews from there, is there a white hat way of doing it? I was following Luca De Stefani Kindle publishing course but he uses black hat tactics and I got my reviews deleted. I read somewhere online that it can be done with Facebook ads and a mailing list but have no idea how to do it??
    Thank you

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    Sales Page :

    PHP Code:


    Reg Link :

    PHP Code:


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    Sales Page :

    PHP Code:


    Direct Access :
    FE :

    OTO's :

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    Here's the Sales Page (thanks to tech n9ne for the reminder):

    Since I'm just a sucker to keep my Luther collection complete, I just went ahead and picked it up for us (Front End only, before you ask!).

    You may get it here, but please provide mirrors:

    For anyone able to get the OTO, here's the Sales Page:

    Your Buddy,

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  • 01/23/19--08:59: [GET] XPOSR
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